Workers’ Comp Sucks

It sucks. It sucks. It sucks.  It sucks for injured workers and for businesses.  I am sick and tired of handling workers’ comp cases.  There is nothing redeeming about the workers’ compensation system.  At least not in Nebraska or Iowa.  I challenge anyone to convince me otherwise.

3 Responses to “Workers’ Comp Sucks”

  1. Arthur R. Sickler Says:

    The ones guilty of the fraud is workers compensation themselves where they raise construction ratings (between 16 and 33% of gross income) and then wonder why people work completely off the books, etc. New York is a disgrace for workers comp and we are embarassed with the entire system as professional builders. Although trumped up claims do occur through haphazard and underhanded contractors these people should be arrested but not the people who legitimately pay into the system that makes it impossible to survive.

  2. Jim MacDonald Says:

    It does not matter who you are.Fake or real. It sucks.1st time injured with same company 23 yrs,broken shoulder,clavical,ripped Bi-cep, 3surgeries and not fixed yet,kicked to the curb,lost my houses,have been out 2.5 years. The w/c law sucks in Mass. ACE casualty SUCKS. For a company who wants you to get healthy they sure stall and deny everything. They forced me into getting a lawyer by denying all of my benefits including health. UNBELIEVABLE

  3. Bill Witson Says:

    Less than 10% of all injured workers in the last ten years have been PROVEN to be frauds.

    The insurance industry that underwrites WC has made BILLIONS in profits. More than they’ve EVER paid out to injured workers. And they’ve done such a good mass marketing campaign through the media, portraying THEMSELVES as victims, they have convinced the better part of the public that the only people on workers comp are malingering frauds. This is NOT the case!!

    They have highly paid lobbyists who backpocket politicians that your average worker could never afford to bribe, even if they wanted to.

    There is a RICO case that has been filed in Michigan that is a landmark case and FOR ONCE might bring attention to the reality of 9 out of 10 injured workers REAL experiences. RICO has been filed due to the fraud and racketeering on the part of doctors who are bought by the insurance companies who will LIE in medical reports to the physical detriment of workers. Often these doctors haven’t practiced in years but make obscene amounts of money off the injured workers by colluding ( being bought out ) with the insurers to defraud the workers of REAL medical care. This also is a story you hear nothing about.

    Think about this: why is it that the typical ‘news piece’ about workers comp is 99.99% of the time slanted in favor of the insurer being the victims?

    Why is that you cannot find the suicide rates of injured workers over say, the last ten years? You can find suicide rates of pilots, undertakers, police, EMT’s etc etc…but not injured workers. why not? who has buried that information? who would gain in burying it?

    There’s only one answer to that, and it ain’t the injured worker.

    MOST injured workers injuries get worse, they are driven back to work too soon and often on narcotics, they are re-injured again and kept in this vicious cycle until the insurance company can offload them to SSA disability.

    As an injured worker you have NO rights and you have NO opportunity to take the doctors or insurers to court if they wrong you during the process. You are not allowed to choose your own doctor, you MUST go to the doctor of their choice. Also, attorneys for injured workers, contrary to popular myth, do NOT make a lot of money. Each state industrial comission determines the atty’s fees, they are ‘capped’ by the state. This results in atty’s who practice WC having to have a ‘high volume’ of clients. If an injured worker managed to get their case closed in three years ( which is a short period even with mild injuries! ), the attorney is NOT going to make five figures. However, the insurance industry wants the public to think it works just like personal injury or civil litigation. It does NOT. So, because the atty is so busy, often the worker is lucky to hear from them personally every couple of months.

    At the end of it all, the average worker is ruined physically and financially. Many are homeless, literally living in the streets or on social assistance, humiliated, deeply in debt, and broken of pride. Just where the insurance company wants them.

    Most injured workers experiences would meet the definition of human rights abuse. Don’t believe the insurance companies. Their greed knows no bounds.

    BTW, most insurance companies who write for WC belong to the same org that insurance companies in Canada do. This is why American and Canadian workers often have similar experiences.

    It’s a travesty of justice and against the class that keeps any economy strong.

    The only chance injured workers stand now is to UNITE and FIGHT. The one thing that the insurance companies fear most is injured workers gathering together because there is strength in numbers. They try to keep workers in a state of paranoia and fear, and to stay quiet, submissive, and passive in the shadows while they are turned upside down.

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