The 25 Most Influential People in Comic Book Movies: #25 Marc Silvestri

Marc SilvestriComic book artist, creator, and publisher Marc Silvestri is the current CEO of Top Cow Productions, with such successful titles as Witchblade and The Darkness. Silvestri began his career at Marvel Comics, penciling Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine, in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. In 1992, he was one of the original founders of Image Comics.  In the last few years, Silvestri has again worked with Marvel on various X-Men titles, and has contributed to Top Cow’s own Cyberforce and Hunter-Killer.  Marc is credited as an executive producer for the upcoming film The Witchblade, based on his comic, scheduled for release in 2009. He is also an executive producer of Wanted which opened June 27, 2008, starring Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, and James McAvoy, based on the comic mini-series created by Mark Millar and J.G. Jones, published by Top Cow.  In 2000, Silvestri was the executive producer of a pilot episode for a proposed animated television series based on his Witchblade comic.  He is also credited as one of the creators of the source material on which the 2007 video game The Darkness is based. Silvestri was also the associate producer of 2006’s The Covenant. Sony commissioned Top Cow to publish a promotional comic mini-series of the same name but the comic is not considered source material for the film.

Influence Meter: ++


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