New Star Trek images

Four fantastic new images of the new Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (HeroesZachary Quinto), Uhura (Zoë Saldaña) and Nero (the new old villain, played by Eric Bana) to be featured in the upcoming Star Trek, due to be released May 8, 2009, are just out!

Here’s a composite picture of all four:

Star Trek composite

Zachary Quinto looks perfect as Spock, so very logical with that touch of smug arrogance. Chris Pine is looking nicely cocksure. Zoë Saldaña looks hot in operations red. Nero is supposedly a Romulan, although J.J. Abrams seems to have substituted tatoos for any sort of head ridge.

Thanks to and for these images.


One Response to “New Star Trek images”

  1. Daniel's Critical Corner Says:

    This is the next big thing in my book. With “The Dark
    Knight” now out, my sights are set on the new “Star
    Trek”. The picture above is FIERCE. Can’t wait !!!

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