More Star Trek images!!!

Here’s some more fantastic new images from the forthcoming Star Trek film by J.J. Abrams, due out May 8, 2009. In the upper left hand corner we have Sulu (John Cho), looking appropriately…well…asian. To his right is our favorite engineer Scotty (Simon Pegg). In the lower left corner is Bones (Karl Urban), looking surly as always, and in the lower right corner we have innocent, good-natured and dedicated Chekov (Anton Yelchin). These four images were released as posters at Star Trek Vegas Con.


Thanks to and for these images.


2 Responses to “More Star Trek images!!!”

  1. Nero Says:

    Why post fuzzy images from TrekMovie when the Official Star Trek Movie site has high-quality wallpapers of these new movie posters?

    Look in the Downloads section of the official site…


  2. sophosmoros Says:

    Ah, yes. You’re right. I don’t think these new pics were up on the official site a few days ago. But thanks! I will replace them soon.

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