Batman 3 Poster featuring The Riddler????

This is incredibly cool, but it is probably fan made. Take a look at these stories at and Also, the poster suggests the return of Two-Face. The internet is all a-flutter with debate as to whether or not Harvey Dent is actually dead.


11 Responses to “Batman 3 Poster featuring The Riddler????”

  1. Usf Says:

    Holy shit dude, who ever did this, i hope WB buys this off you for a big friggin wad of cash, this is BRILLIANTLY done.

    God damn, nice job !

  2. pacer521 Says:

    I’m liking it already —


  3. Chris Puntarelli Says:

    Wow… I’m already excited.

  4. Daniel's Critical Corner Says:

    Without “question”, that is a great concept !!!

  5. polisny Says:

    What I do not understand is why they are featuring Joker on the poster of BATMAN!

    Its like putting an enemy of Superman on a movie poster in place of the one and only!

  6. sophosmoros Says:

    A. The poster doesn’t feature the Joker. It features the Riddler.
    B. You may remember posters such as this one for Superman Returns.

  7. Henry McKay Says:

    This is not a fan made poster it is in fact real. There is also a poster of riddler but his face and hands are in the shadow as he has no yet been casted for the actual film. And yes its release date is also genuine. 🙂

  8. razzo Says:

    the poster is cool but the little batman figure on the right is kind of crappy however it can be interesting to get a riddler in the 3rd part.

  9. durden99 Says:

    anyone catch the writer’s name on the Dent article? It’s Vicki Vale….very nice touch and extra detail

  10. pacer521 Says:

    ahhh, very nice touch

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