NEW POLL: Who should play The Riddler in Christopher Nolan’s next Batman movie?

This is a follow-up poll from a previous Riddler/Batman poll.

6 Responses to “NEW POLL: Who should play The Riddler in Christopher Nolan’s next Batman movie?”

  1. Daniel's Critical Corner Says:

    If Depp turns down the roll, my vote
    is going to be with Hugo Weaving !!!

  2. jason Says:

    How can you not want jim carrey as the riddler.. i mean come on he played hime once and was amazing depp is my homeboy but carrey just has that crazy level i dont think depp is able to reach.

  3. Scott Beamen Says:

    I think that bradley cooper would be a great riddler.
    A list actors seem to bring sequals down and after the dark knight if the 3 movie sucks i will be pissed

  4. Scott Beamen Says:

    We will see

  5. Karen Says:

    No, Michael C. Hall- Has anyone seen him in Dexter.
    He’s fricking perfect for the riddler!!!!!!!!!

  6. Natalie Says:

    I dont understand why people keep talking like Jim Carrey should play the riddler, This is a DIFFERENT Batman series! the same way that Jack Nicholson didnt play the Joker, he left room for Heath Ledger to come in and do an INCREDIBLE job recreating the role, who wants to see the same old riddler again?!?!? i want to see it reborn through a new actor just like the Joker was. Johnny Depp would have been my first pick for Riddler it would have fit perfectly, Eddie murphy is a ridiculous choice in every way and will probably ruin the whole film

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