About Me and Blue Space

Welcome to Blue Space, my personal WeBlog.
First, a bit about me:
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    Still Life with My FaceI am not Russian, although my paternal grandfather had a thing for russian names (q.v. my dad’s name is Ivan and my uncle and cousin are named Boris).  My parents hail from
El Salvador via San Francisco.  I was born in San Jose, CA.  I studied English at Harvard and Law at Lewis & Clark.  I’m currently a (perhaps foolishly) optimistic solo attorney practicing in Omaha, NE.  I live with my lovely wife Kathy who designs jewelry, our cat Bella, and a fish.  I play and teach guitar, I read and collect comic books, and I’m obsessive about lots of stuff, including movies, music, and a variety of diverse and esoteric categories of knowledge.  Oh, I have also been known to associate with and even perform onstage with an improv comedy troupe or two. 
     Blue Space is really a spinoff of the very first website I ever had, which I created my freshman year in college, which at that time I simply called “The Space.”  I can’t really tell you anything about what kinds of things I’m going to post on this site other than to say that there will be many lists.  I tend to think in terms of lists.  Aside from that, who knows what kinds of stuff will end up on here, but I hope it’s interesting. I invite commentary and discussion.  I love attention.  Lavish me with your queries and observations. You may contact me at sophosmoros@gmail.com.

 Cordially yours,


Ivan Velasco, Jr.

One Response to “About Me and Blue Space”

  1. Cafemommy Says:

    Sometimes…the world is so small…really have no idea how I stumbled other than I’m estatic I did. It’s been years and I wish you and Kathy the best. Great blog! Visit my blog every so often so you can see my kids, and family…just doing a mom blog and being a mom, ans using my BA in English from UCLA to some use as an assitant editor at a regional magazine http://www.805living.com and http://www.805weddingsmag.com. Hopefully you can take 5 to say hi! And I wish you the best… best, Cafemommy (a.k.a. Carmen Elena Leiva Galan)

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