When Titans Clash – The Spirit vs. The Octopus

“Come on! Toilets are always funny.” So says Samuel L. Jackson as the maniacal Octopus, coming off as dedicated to his character as we’ve seen him since Pulp Fiction. This one short fight scene from Frank Miller‘s The Spirit, due out this December, isn’t yet quite enough to start fully judging the film, but I do feel comfortable saying that Mr. Miller seems to be trying to bridge the gap between the campy cartoony humor of The Spirit‘s golden age comic books and the noir sensibilities of modern age works such as Sin City.

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Batman 3 Poster featuring The Riddler????

This is incredibly cool, but it is probably fan made. Take a look at these stories at FirstShowing.net and AintItCool.com. Also, the poster suggests the return of Two-Face. The internet is all a-flutter with debate as to whether or not Harvey Dent is actually dead.

More Star Trek images!!!

Here’s some more fantastic new images from the forthcoming Star Trek film by J.J. Abrams, due out May 8, 2009. In the upper left hand corner we have Sulu (John Cho), looking appropriately…well…asian. To his right is our favorite engineer Scotty (Simon Pegg). In the lower left corner is Bones (Karl Urban), looking surly as always, and in the lower right corner we have innocent, good-natured and dedicated Chekov (Anton Yelchin). These four images were released as posters at Star Trek Vegas Con.


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The new Wonder Woman!

Director George Miller has announced a potential release date in 2009 for the forthcoming Justice Leage movie, and he’s cast Aussie model/actress Megan Gale to play Wonder Woman! Plus, she stands nearly 5’11” (without heels), making her of appropriately Amazonian stature. Check her out!


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Archimedes, Nite Owl’s Airship !

Here’s a new photo of Nite Owl II‘s airship Archimedes, shown here under wraps in Nite Owl’s basement workshop.

Thanks to Ain’t It Cool News for the pic!

NEW The Wolf Man Trailer !!!

Another trailer straight from the clutches of Comic-Con! This time it’s a remake of Universal’s horror classic The Wolf Man, set to be released on April 3, 2009, starring Anthony Hopkins, Benicio Del Toro, Hugo Weaving, and Emily Blunt. The film will be directed by Jumanji and Rocketeer director Joe Johnston.

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“There is no news. There’s the truth of the signal…Can’t stop the signal…” Mr. Universe, Serenity

Four NEW Watchmen Images !!

Here’s four really cool new pictures from the upcoming film adaptation of Watchmen!

Thanks to Empire Magazine for these images.