Johnny Depp To Turn Down Riddler Role?

On September 25, 2008, reports:

Johnny Depp is set to turn down the chance of appearing in the next Batman film, according to reports.

The Hollywood hunk has been strongly linked to the role of Batman baddie The Riddler in the follow up to The Dark Knight.

But Depp has told pals he’s unlikely to take the role as a mark of respect to Heath Ledger who died shortly after starring as The Joker in the record-breaking flick.

A source says, “What Johnny would want to do with Riddler is not a million miles away from what Christopher Nolan and Heath did with The Joker.

“He’s yet to have talks about an offer but he feels he’s not the man for the role and that Heath is just too hard an act to follow.”

Producers would be unlikely to have Riddler as Batman’s next villain without Depp, the insider added.

Hey, it’s not as if Johnny needs the work anyway.

It was revealed yesterday that the Pirates of The Caribbean star will be appearing in THREE new Disney films.

Speaking at a press conference at Los Angeles’ Kodak Theatre on Wednesday, Disney chairman Dick Cook detailed plans for upcoming films that would tie Depp to the studio for the next few years.

Cook confirmed that a third sequel to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was in the works, and that he would star as The Mad Hatter in director Tim Burton‘s forthcoming adaptation of Alice In Wonderland.

And, topping off the list of projects, will be a big screen version of The Lone Ranger, which will see Depp re-team with Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

However, Depp will not take on the lead role of the Lone Ranger himself – he will instead be the hero’s sidekick, Tonto.


Followup Poll: My Top 40 Animated Feature Films

See here for my list.

My Top 40 Animated Feature Films

In honor of Wall-E, which I saw yesterday and LOVED, here’s my list of 40 favorite animated films:

1.    Alice in Wonderland*                            1951
2.    Bambi*                                          1942
3.    Fantasia*                                       1940
4.    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs*                1937
5.    Finding Nemo**                                  2003
6.    The Little Mermaid*                             1989
7.    Cinderella*                                     1950
8.    Toy Story**                                     1995
9.    My Neighbor Totoro†                             1988
10.   WALL·E**                                        2008
11.   The Lion King*                                  1994
12.   Cars**                                          2006
13.   Dumbo*                                          1941
14.   The Nightmare Before Christmas*                 1993
15.   Ratatouille**                                   2007
16.   Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind†             1984
17.   Happy Feet◊                                     2006
18.   Princess Mononoke†                              1997
19.   Monsters Inc.**                                 2001
20.   Shrek‡                                          2001
21.   Shrek 2‡                                        2004
22.   Aladdin*                                        1992
23.   The Incredibles**                               2004
24.   Shrek the Third‡                                2007
25.   Beauty and the Beast*                           1991
26.   The Simpsons Movie¨                             2007
27.   The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh*         1977
28.   A Scanner Darkly§                               2006
29.   Sleeping Beauty*                                1959
30.   Over the Hedge‡                                 2006
31.   Robin Hood*                                     1973
32.   A Bug’s Life**                                  1998
33.   Lilo & Stitch*                                  2002
34.   Kung Fu Panda‡                                  2008
35.   Akiraª                                          1998
36.   Ice Age¨                                        2002
37.   Ice Age: The Meltdown¨                          2006
38.   Open Season©                                    2006
39.   Shark Tale‡                                     2004
40.   Antz‡                                           1998
*Disney (including Touchstone Pictures)
** Disney/Pixar
† Studio Ghibli (Miyazaki)
‡ Dreamworks
◊ Village Roadshow/Warner Bros.
¨ Fox (including Blue Sky Studios)
§ Warner Bros.
ª The Akira Committee
© Sony
Last revised and updated July 2, 2008