Batman 3 Poster featuring The Riddler????

This is incredibly cool, but it is probably fan made. Take a look at these stories at and Also, the poster suggests the return of Two-Face. The internet is all a-flutter with debate as to whether or not Harvey Dent is actually dead.



Take a look, here’s Harvey Dent reborn right in the hospital as the nasty nasty Two-Face with Nurse Joker attending!

Thanks to for these pics.

Harvey Dent with coin

Hmmm, I’m strangely attracted to the two-sided nature of this coin…. Oh, sorry, are you still cowering before me?

New hints of The Riddler in Nolan’s Bat-world?

Many of you may be aware of the extensive (and I must say very cool) viral marketing campaign currently hyping Christopher Nolan‘s upcoming The Dark Knight. I found something interesting related to that campaign on today. It seems that on the newly revealed Jokerized page of the Gotham Times, there are a series of letters circled in red. An astute observer figured out that the letters combine to form this message:

Herrings are red
Corpes are blue
You’re on the right track
But you don’t have a clue

Now, I know the big bad villains in The Dark Knight will be The Joker and Two-Face, but doesn’t this sound suspiciously like something The Riddler would come up with? Apparently, there was also a letter to the editor written in the last issue of the Gotham Times authored by an Edward Nashton, one of the Riddler’s aliases! Here’s the text from the newspaper, taken from the Dark Knight ARG Wiki:

“Dent Cannot Be Believed”

So now Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent pretends to turn upside-down the city, speaking of truth, justice and so on. Should we believe him? I think not. The more he’s posing as a man of justice, the more it means he is corrupted like every powerful man in the city.

Right now Dent seems different from the others, but that is only part of the game, so he can get power by the fools who support him. A man who comes in the darkest moments to save the situation exists only in fables; in real life, people like that have always had other (bad) intentions.

Edward Nashton
Granton Beach

There had been rumors that Anthony Michael Hall was going to play The Riddler, but these seem to have been dispelled after it was confirmed that he was playing TV reporter Mike Engel.  Will there be a Riddler cameo? Is this a set up for the next Bat-film? Am I crazy and is this just the Joker being clever?

New Harvey Dent/Two-Face video clip !!!!

Quick 30 second scene, and we only see him from over his left shoulder, but it’s definitely him!

See it here, or down here:

The Dark Knight teaser poster – Joker/Batman/Dent

I just saw this teaser poster for the first time today, and I put it up here because I think it’s pretty cool.  Enjoy!

The Dark Knight teaser poster


Batman: The Dark Knight – NEW second full trailer with analysis!!!

Here’s the second trailer to The Dark Knight, as it’s been shown at the beginning of Iron Man.

Here’s MTV’s scene by scene analysis.  Note at 1:54 – 1:55 and 2:03 brief glimpses of Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) as Two-Face (First, Dent screaming with his face lying in gasoline – or perhaps some sort of acid or solvent – and then, Dent riding in a car where the scabs on the left side of his face are barely visible and you can just make out the multi-colored left side of his suit.)