Batman 3 Poster featuring The Riddler????

This is incredibly cool, but it is probably fan made. Take a look at these stories at and Also, the poster suggests the return of Two-Face. The internet is all a-flutter with debate as to whether or not Harvey Dent is actually dead.

My favorite Watchmen posters from Comic-Con

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The Other NEW Red Sonja Poster !!!

Here she is!

Still don’t know what to think of this film, but I like the thinking behind this poster. Thanks to for this image.

NEW Red Sonja poster !!!

Here it is, straight from Comic-Con: Robert Rodriguez will be producing (what?! NOT directing?!) this remake of Richard Fleischer‘s 1985 cult classic, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan the Barbarian (aka Kalidor) and Brigitte Nielson as Sonja. For the remake, Rose McGowan will be playing the titular red haired she-devil.

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NEW Max Payne poster !!!

There aren’t very many good things I can say about movies based on video games (Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Hitman, Doom.) Doom was at least a vehicle for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as was the Tomb Raider couplet for Angelina Jolie a while back. Now we have a video game flick written by Emmy award winning writer of “The ShieldShawn Ryan, starring Academy Award nominee Mark Wahlberg (Angelina had already won an Oscar by the time she did the first Tomb Raider movie in 2001 – in your FACE Marky-Mark.) So does that make this the next really big deal in video game films? (do I need to ask?) Will there be a U2 video accompanying Max Payne’s debut? We can only hope so.

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the director, John Moore, is the guy who did Behind Enemy Lines and Flight of the Phoenix.

And also the guy who made the remake of The Omen. 😦

Here’s the poster.

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NEW poster for The Day the Earth Stood Still!!!

Here’s a cool new one sheet for the coming remake of this sci-fi classic, starring Keeanu Reeves, set to be released December 12, 2008.

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NEW X-Men Origins: Wolverine image !!!

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