Johnny Depp To Turn Down Riddler Role?

On September 25, 2008, reports:

Johnny Depp is set to turn down the chance of appearing in the next Batman film, according to reports.

The Hollywood hunk has been strongly linked to the role of Batman baddie The Riddler in the follow up to The Dark Knight.

But Depp has told pals he’s unlikely to take the role as a mark of respect to Heath Ledger who died shortly after starring as The Joker in the record-breaking flick.

A source says, “What Johnny would want to do with Riddler is not a million miles away from what Christopher Nolan and Heath did with The Joker.

“He’s yet to have talks about an offer but he feels he’s not the man for the role and that Heath is just too hard an act to follow.”

Producers would be unlikely to have Riddler as Batman’s next villain without Depp, the insider added.

Hey, it’s not as if Johnny needs the work anyway.

It was revealed yesterday that the Pirates of The Caribbean star will be appearing in THREE new Disney films.

Speaking at a press conference at Los Angeles’ Kodak Theatre on Wednesday, Disney chairman Dick Cook detailed plans for upcoming films that would tie Depp to the studio for the next few years.

Cook confirmed that a third sequel to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was in the works, and that he would star as The Mad Hatter in director Tim Burton‘s forthcoming adaptation of Alice In Wonderland.

And, topping off the list of projects, will be a big screen version of The Lone Ranger, which will see Depp re-team with Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

However, Depp will not take on the lead role of the Lone Ranger himself – he will instead be the hero’s sidekick, Tonto.

!!! Cher to Play Catwoman in Batman 3: The Caped Crusader !!!

The UK Telegraph reports:

The 62-year-old singer and actress is reported to be in talks to play Catwoman opposite Christian Bale in the third Batman film from British director Christopher Nolan.

The Oscar-winner will join a cast that includes Johnny Depp as The Riddler as she plays the whip-carrying burglar. The character has also been played by Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry.

A studio executive said: “Cher is Nolan’s first choice to play Catwoman. He wants to her to portray her like a vamp in her twilight years.

“The new Catwoman will be the absolute opposite of Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry’s purring creations.”

Filming of the new Batman instalment, provisionally entitled The Caped Crusader, is due to begin in Vancouver early next year.

The Dark Knight, this summer’s blockbuster, has become the most successful of the Batman movies. Warner Bros expects the film to make about $530m.

It stars the late Heath Ledger, who was found dead in his Manhattan apartment after taking an accidental drugs overdose. His performance as The Joker is widely expected to garner an Oscar nomination.

Cher’s recent acting performances have included Tea with Mussolini in 1999 and Stuck on You, in 2003 in which she played herself.


The Dark Knight: TV Spot #9 – “Tonight you’re gonna break your one rule.”

“I have one rule.”

“Tonight you’re gonna break your one rule.”

“I’m counting on it.”

“Where is he?!?”

“Why so serious?”

“Know your limits, Master Wayne.”

“Batman has no limits.”

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New hints of The Riddler in Nolan’s Bat-world?

Many of you may be aware of the extensive (and I must say very cool) viral marketing campaign currently hyping Christopher Nolan‘s upcoming The Dark Knight. I found something interesting related to that campaign on today. It seems that on the newly revealed Jokerized page of the Gotham Times, there are a series of letters circled in red. An astute observer figured out that the letters combine to form this message:

Herrings are red
Corpes are blue
You’re on the right track
But you don’t have a clue

Now, I know the big bad villains in The Dark Knight will be The Joker and Two-Face, but doesn’t this sound suspiciously like something The Riddler would come up with? Apparently, there was also a letter to the editor written in the last issue of the Gotham Times authored by an Edward Nashton, one of the Riddler’s aliases! Here’s the text from the newspaper, taken from the Dark Knight ARG Wiki:

“Dent Cannot Be Believed”

So now Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent pretends to turn upside-down the city, speaking of truth, justice and so on. Should we believe him? I think not. The more he’s posing as a man of justice, the more it means he is corrupted like every powerful man in the city.

Right now Dent seems different from the others, but that is only part of the game, so he can get power by the fools who support him. A man who comes in the darkest moments to save the situation exists only in fables; in real life, people like that have always had other (bad) intentions.

Edward Nashton
Granton Beach

There had been rumors that Anthony Michael Hall was going to play The Riddler, but these seem to have been dispelled after it was confirmed that he was playing TV reporter Mike Engel.  Will there be a Riddler cameo? Is this a set up for the next Bat-film? Am I crazy and is this just the Joker being clever?

The Dark Knight TV Spot

Here’s some particularly maniacal Joker for you:

Bloody Joker Poster

Now this one’s creepy.