Watchmen – scene by scene trailer analysis

Here’s a pretty good analysis of the Watchmen trailer by Rotten Tomato’s Greg Dean Schmitz.

More Watchmen Page to Screen Comparisons

Brad Brevet at has done a great job of visually comparing ten scenes from the Watchmen trailer to ten panels from the Watchmen graphic novel. Here’s an example:

 See the entire blog post here.

Batman: The Dark Knight – NEW second full trailer with analysis!!!

Here’s the second trailer to The Dark Knight, as it’s been shown at the beginning of Iron Man.

Here’s MTV’s scene by scene analysis.  Note at 1:54 – 1:55 and 2:03 brief glimpses of Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) as Two-Face (First, Dent screaming with his face lying in gasoline – or perhaps some sort of acid or solvent – and then, Dent riding in a car where the scabs on the left side of his face are barely visible and you can just make out the multi-colored left side of his suit.)

Batman: The Dark Knight – shot by shot trailer analysis

I was going to do one of these myself, but MTV already did a pretty good one a few months ago right here.


Iron Man full movie trailer!!!


May 2, 2008: In theaters now.  Go see it!

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Here’s a shot by shot analysis of the trailer from MTV.